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In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

In-cold-blood by Truman Capote, book reviewLast year I was given a list of four ‘must-read’ books by a friend, David Milnes, who is an English teacher and a novelist.

  1. In Cold Blood, Truman Capote
  2. Fiesta or The Sun Also Rises, by Hemingway
  3. The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy
  4. Middlemarch, by George Eliot

I ordered In Cold Blood from my local library. When it arrived, I was dismayed by the sheer size of the book. My dismay was quickly followed by relief – when I realised I had ordered the Large Print edition.

What I liked about the book: Continue reading In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany -cover of paperbackI am ashamed to confess: I have never read this story. I saw the film, of course. But I never read the book. It is universally regarded as a great story and, when I saw it in my local library, I had to take it out.

Yes. It is a wonderful story. Here are some things that surprised me and some things that delighted me, in no particular order: Continue reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote