This Book Will Save Your Life, A M Homes

Just finished reading this book.

I have to confess, I chose it for its title. Who could resist that catchy hook and the doughnuts?

A good read – I couldn’t put it down – but not a great book.

Things I liked:

The opening premise, the view of LA life, the relentless pace, the many different interwoven strands, the page-turning hooks.

Things I didn’t like:

Although told as a first person narrative, there was little opportunity to understand the thought process of the narrator. I wanted to believe in this lonely, control freak of a man, but I realised from the narrative voice, a few chapters in, that the author was a woman.

Things just seemed to happen to him and he suffered from many significant external events – each one would have caused his life to change anyway. There were too many unexplained teasers, and unresolved plot arcs, by the time we reached an unsatisfactorily disconnected ending.

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